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Spirit TV will unite complementary-medical information and therapies as well as service-orientated and self-realisation-oriented themes around the holistic healing of body, spirit and soul.

Often spiritual people are aware of their own large wealth of experience. We want to collect those experience as part of the site. The holistic medicine is noticed as complementary to the classical school medicine. Interests in Meditation and Yoga, holistic nutrition, quantum physics or conscious handling of natural resources, complete the picture.

The project initiators:

Dr. Holger Berges
Specialised Physian, Kineology and Spiritual Healing and has operated his own practise in Hamburg since 1997.He is active in naturopathy and has investigated world-wide alternative welfare methods, and is the founder of the www.kreis-der-heiler.de (circle-of-healers)

Holger Petersen
Journalist and active media entrepreneur and was spokesman for Greenpeace Germany. Collected knowledge and experience on the web in large enterprise presentations federations. Since 2005 editor-in-chief of Hamburg grassroot newspaper: www.initiativenzeitung.org

Konstantin Knape
Cameraman and producer with practical experience for many years in private and public television. k.knape@spirit-TV.de



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wissen - glauben - sehen - fühlen - wachsen. spirit-tv ist eine Video-Website die die Grenzen der klassischen Schulmedizin überschreitet und Heilung, Spiritualität, Grenzwissenschaften und höheres Bewusstsein präsentiert. Die Video-Beiträge bieten Einsichten und Ausblicke - Anregungen und Quergedachtes. Immer sehr persönlich, immer kontrovers - und immer mit der Auforderung sich einzumischen.